The most important question here is what do you want from a  martial arts school?

People train for different reasons:

Self defence, sport, social interaction, history and tradition, fitness and personal development.

We cover it all.

The stand up fighting comes from Western Boxing, Muay Thai, Wing Chun and Jeet Kune Do as well as locking and throwing found in Judo, Ju Jitsu and MMA.

The groundwork is a blend of Brazilian Jui Jitsu methods, Judo, Wrestling and the Filipino Martial Arts.

The weapons training comes from the Filipino Martial Arts and you will learn single stick and double stick skills as well as knife defence.

The training for the mind involves understanding the law, evasion techniques, philosophy and stress management methods.

This gives you the most well-rounded set of skills for the mind and body that you can find.

I want to help you feel empowered, confident, fit and able to deal with life and any physical attacks.

Martial arts is about a lot more than just kick and punch or grapple and choke. 

The junior programme is a combination of kickboxing and grappling. There will be lots of pad work and kicking of shields. Your children are in a safe environment at all times and you are welcome to sit in on every class. Children that do martial arts improve their confidence, their concentration and their discipline. Which I imagine is exactly what you want for your child.

Junior training begins at 5 years old and goes on until 11 years. At this age, many of our juniors move up to adult classes.

If you still have questions then please call me on 01536 513715, email me at, pop in or visit our Facebook page and message me there.

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  1. hi, do you have a proper curriculum of the details of various techniques you teach that we can download? i want to study escrima but first want to compare doce pares, balintawak, lameco, etc. i have dvds on attilo balintawak, lameco, serrada, dagooc, but none of the doce pares. can you help?

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