So what sort of things can you expect to learn by joining Unified Fighting Systems?

It’s a blend of things. At the most basic level it will be how to avoid an attack, always better than getting involved in a fight, don’t you think? With that knowledge then you’ll need to know what to do if you are involved in something that can’t be avoided. We’ll teach you a core of self defence techniques which you can learn quickly and use effectively in a remarkably short space of time.

Everyone wants to learn to kick and punch and we spend a lot of time teaching you these skills. All are a lifetimes study, but you will be amazed how quickly you are picking things up, getting fitter and how fast your confidence builds. After a couple of months you might want to move onto the grading syllabus to test for your first belt, the white belt and the first step to attaining a black belt.

You’ll learn how to grapple, standing up, and then what happens when you’re taken to the ground. You’ll learn to handle weapons – learning the Filipino Martial Art of Eskrima. You’ll learn single, stick, double stick, defence against weapons with your empty hands, as well as how to defend against a knife attack. Fitness training is also important and you’ll find yourself becoming fitter and more flexible.

What about those of you who have trained in other martial arts and are interested in what we can offer you? All existing martial artists are welcome to train at Unified Fighting Systems. a lot of my students are also black belts in other forms of martial arts and the atmosphere and learning environment is all the better for it.

And finally, what will juniors learn? We cater for two age groups: 5-7 years and 8-11 years. This curriculum is mostly kickboxing based (all safe), but juniors also learn some basic grappling skills, how to fall safely and some basic weapons skills as well. I want to be able to build a child’s confidence and see him or her improve in all aspects of their life, from their confidence to their school work.

If you still have questions then please call me on 01536 513715, email me at, pop in or visit our Facebook page and message me there. See you soon.

5 thoughts on “Training

  1. hi, do you have a proper curriculum of the details of various techniques you teach that we can download? i want to study escrima but first want to compare doce pares, balintawak, lameco, etc. i have dvds on attilo balintawak, lameco, serrada, dagooc, but none of the doce pares. can you help?

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