Filipino Martial Arts

doce_pares_logoAlthough one of the lesser-known martial arts many of you will have seen it if you have seen any of the Jason Bourne films. The fighting skills that Matt Damon demonstrates are all from the Philippines. 

But why would you want to learn them?

Put simply, we live in an armed society. Every day we read or hear of stabbings in the news. If you don’t have the knowledge of how to survive a knife attack then you have a huge hole in your martial arts knowledge.

You will learn from 3 different Filipino Martial Arts:

Cinco Teros (five cardinal blows)

Doce Pares (the world’s most popular form of FMA)

Inosanto Kali – from Dan Inosanto (Bruce Lee’s number one disciple)

You will learn skills with a single weapon, two weapons, empty hand and Filipino grappling. And most importantly you will learn how to defend yourself against a knife attack using methods from the FMA, the defensive tactics of Northamptonshire Police and from skills honed working the doors and real-life experience.

We want you to stay safe. 

Take a look at the single stick page and you’ll see a short video of stick-to-stick sparring. All done with padded sticks but no armour.