Welcome to Unified Fighting Systems

Martial arts – why chose us?

People train in martial arts for many reasons. To compete. To learn to fight. To get fit. To emulate movie stars and TV heroes. So, what is it for you?

Do you want to feel safer? Do want to test yourself against others? Are martial arts a fascination for you? Or, is it as simple as wanting to feel more confident in a self defence situation?

Whatever it is, we think we have you covered.

We train in four areas:

The mind – increase your confidence. Strengthen your discipline and resolve. Learn about self defence law and keep yourself out of trouble. Develop your personal philosophy.

Stand up – this covers kicking, punching, close quarter fighting, knees and elbows, stand up grappling and self defence.

Ground work – knowing what to do if you are tripped, fall or find yourself in a fight on the ground is essential and we cover that area comprehensively.

Weapons training – an area much neglected by most martial arts, you will learn to defend yourself against attacks with sticks, baseball bats and other improvised weapons. Most importantly though is our knife defence programme. With knife crime at an all-time high this is an essential part of your martial arts education.

Which means you are in good hands to help you improve whether you’re a beginner, trained for a while in other systems or a black belt in another system. You are welcome to become part of the Unified Fighting Systems family.

If you want to know what the place looks like take a look at UFSTV – episode one, the tour. (UFSTV has it’s own button at the top – see it?)

Headed by Andy Gibney, a 3 time Hall of Fame member in the UK, the USA and the Philippines, with a group of black belts that include multiple world champions and groundwork specialists.

The martial arts centre is a 2000sq ft of matted floor and comfortable surrounding complete with focus pads, kickshields and punchbags. Perfect whether you have your own equipment or need to use some of ours.

Classes start for children from 5 years old up to 11 years old.

Adult classes are for members 12 years and above. A little over 30 and worried you’ve left it too late? Not all. We have members from their teens to their fifties. You’re going to fit right in.

If you have questions, call Andy Gibney on 01536 513715 or email him at andygibney@nobrain-nogain.com


UNIFIED FIGHTING SYSTEMS (Jeet Kune Do, MMA and weapons training)
6:40pm to 7.55pm
Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday

Mixed Kickboxing
8pm to 9pm
Tuesday and Thursday

Children’s Kickboxing
6pm to 6:30pm (5 to 11)
Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday